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FEMA remapping effort of areas behind the levees is still in process. A new mapping initiative is in place for creeks and streams. Please view the information on “Preparing for new FEMA Maps throughout the City’s Creeks and Streams”.

Trinity Watershed Management Department
Flood Insurance and FEMA

Preparing for new FEMA Maps throughout the City’s Creeks and Streams

FEMA has released new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for areas not associated with the Trinity River. Yellow postcards were sent to those property owners potentially affected by the new FEMA maps. If you received a postcard and have questions about FEMA’s remapping, the information below may be of assistance or you may contact Dorcy Clark, City of Dallas at 214.671.9583 or dorcy.clark@dallascityhall.com.

FEMA has recently announced that it will seek alternative methodology for remapping areas behind levees that are not certified. This announcement will delay Dallas’ pending Trinity River related floodplain maps.

Memo related to FEMA’s remapping process

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) accredits levee systems.  FEMA began
de-accreditation of the Dallas Levee System April 2009. This process takes 18 to 24 months. The
City’s goal is to have the Levee Remediation Plan portion of the System Study complete and fixes made prior to FEMA’s final map revision. Certification is conducted by a licensed professional engineer as requested by the City of Dallas or through a federal agency responsible for the levee system design. Please visit this Web site for updates on the levee system.

Living behind a levee always has a risk.  The City has a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan for the entire City to help notify you before a flooding emergency. FEMA recommends anyone living near levees and other creeks should have flood insurance.  Individuals interested in learning more about flood insurance should visit FEMA’s website:


See below to look up your property in FEMA’s 2007 Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps on the Dallas Central Appraisal District Website.

Instructions to look up addresses in FEMA’s 2007 Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps:

Go to http://www.dallascad.org/SearchAddr.aspx

  1. Go to the above address and select the search button
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and select the address listing
  3. Select DCAD Property Map
  4. From the right menu on the screen, check the Flood Plain (DFIRM 2007) layer and select
    “Refresh Map”
  5. From the right menu on the screen (top), move to the tab labeled “Legend” to overlay the
    100-year flood evaluation

Note: These maps are from 2007 and they do not reflect current FEMA remapping efforts.

You can also visit the City of Dallas web site at www.dallascityhall.com for additional information or go to any of these FEMA information areas listed below:



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