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Initiate a Service Request Allows you to request a service. Point mouse at icon for description of the service.

911 Call Center Complaint Use this service request to report any concerns regarding the 911 call center
(Select Police Department under "What department is this concern regarding?")
Report Non-Emergency Issues:
Abandoned Substance (abandoned drums or containers) To report abandoned drums or containers on city or vacant property that is leaking and is exposed to rain or that can enter a creek, lake or river.
Burned Out Structure Complaints:
    - Apartments APARTMENTS ONLY...report burned debris that remains at a property and there has been no repairs made at Apartments Only Burned Structures at Apartments
    - Residencial or Business Report report burned debris that remains at a property where there has been no repairs.
Illegal Spray Painting Illegal spray painting. Businesses that are not using the proper painting booth, and vapors are going into the neighborhood.
Illegally Parked Vehicle (Over 24 Hours in the CBD) Report a vehicle parked on the street over 24 hours without being moved. City ordinance states a vehicle may be parked on the street as long as it is moved once every 24 hours.
Junk Motor Vehicle (Residential) To report a junk motor vehicle which is described as being: inoperable, (partially dismantled or wrecked), expired license plates and inspection sticker on private property.
Junk Motor Vehicle (Apartment) APARTMENTS ONLY: Enforcement of Junk Motor Vehicle at Apartments
Lock/Unlock Knox Lock or Box Request to have Knox Co. lock or box opened or locked by DFD personnel
Locked\Blocked Exit Locked Blocked Exit
Noise Complaints:
    - Aviation o report noise in the surrounding areas of Love Field, Dallas Executive Airport (formerly Redbird Airport), and Dallas Heliport facilities.
    - Chronic Noise To report noise complaints of a chronic or recurring nature. For noisy animals use Animal Noise - DCC. For construction noise, use Noise Pollution - EHS during business hours.
Noise Pollution Report excessive noise from a business, residence or apt complex
Occupancy Load Violation Report an occupancy load violation, such as more people in a night club, bar or restaurant than is allowed by the Certificate of Occupancy.
Oversized Vehicle Use this service request to report oversized vehicles parked in residential areas or on private property. (Weighing over 1 1/2 tons)
Parking in Fire Lane/ Blocking Fire Hydrants Parking in Fire Lane/ Fire Hydrants
Parking on Grass or other Unapproved Surface Report parking on an unapproved
Police Misc - DPD Report non-emergency criminal activity
Smoke Detector Request To request battery operated smoke detectors to be installed in owner occupied homes or to replace batteries in existing smoke detectors.

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