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Grass accepted all year at transfer stations and landfill

Dallas residents can dispose of grass clippings throughout the year at any of the city's three transfer stations or the McCommas Bluff Landfill.

Scalping season & bag tags

Residential grass collection is NOT offered except during a 30-day period of the scalping season (mid-March to mid-April) when residents can purchase special use tags (Bag Tags). Tags go on sale in March.

Don't Bag It!

Sanitation Services encourages residents to mulch grass clippings or use the Texas Cooperative Extension's Don't Bag It! plan:

The rule of thumb for mowing home lawns is not to remove more than one-third of the leaf surface at any one time. With this mowing schedule, you no longer need to bag your grass clippings.

Type of Grass Mower Setting (inches) Mow When or Before this Height (inches)
Common Bermuda 1 ½ 2 ¼
"Tif" Bermuda 1 1 ½
Buffalo 2 3
St. Augustine 2 3
Tall Fescue 2 ½ 3 ¾
Zoysia 2 3


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