Dallas, Texas

Forms, Applications, Reports, & References

(All forms below unless noted otherwise are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.)


P2 Fact Sheet

Industrial User Survey

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (To discharge Industrial wastes into the sanitary sewer)

SNC Definition and Guidance

Please contact Pretreatment and Laboratory Services for a copy of the following documents:

Periodic Compliance Report

Toxic Organic Management Plan

Slug Discharge Evaluation Form

Liquid Waste/Grease Abatement

Transporter Permit Application

Grease Trap List/Business ID

Mercury BMP

Mercury BMP Letter of Participation

Mercury BMP Instructions

Silver BMPs

Silver BMP Letter of Participation

Off Site Silver Recovery Services

Best Management Practices Silver for Silver Dischargers

Silver Fact Sheet

Silver BMP Flyer

Code of Management Practices Guide for Photo Processors

Code of Management Practices Guide for Diagnostic and Industrial X-Ray Film Processors

Code of Management Practices Guide for Commercial Imaging

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