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FEMA mapping levees

Dallas Streetcar
Union Station to North Oak Cliff
Environmental Re-evaluation for Passing Track
(February 2012)

Re-Evaluation Union Station to Oak Cliff Dallas Streetcar
Re-Evaluation Appendix A (Land Use)
Re-Evaluation Appendix B (Travel Patterns & Access)
Re-Evaluation Appendix C (Socio-economic)
Re-Evaluation Appendix D (Visual & Aesthetics)
Re-Evaluation Appendix E (Noise & Vibration)
Re-Evaluation Appendix F (Engineering Drawings)
Re-Evaluation Appendix G (Agency & Public Coordination)
Re-Evaluation Appendix H (Mitigation & Monitoring)

Dallas Streetcar
Union Station to Oak Cliff

The Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluates the potential impacts on environmental and human resources that would result from the proposed project. The EA is available for review and comment for a 30-day period from May 24 through June 23, 2011. Please send your comments to Keith Manoy, Program Manager, City of Dallas,1500 Marilla Street, Room L1BS, Dallas, TX 75201.

Environmental Assessment

Appendices Table of Contents

Appendix A Decision Points
Appendix B Figures
Appendix C Design Tech Memos
Appendix D Environmental Tech Memos
Appendix E Agency Coordination
Appendix F Public Involvement
Appendix G Five Percent Design
Appendix H Mitigation and Monitoring Plan

Public Meeting

Monday, June 6, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
Hitt Auditorium Methodist Dallas Medical Center
1441 Beckley Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75203

For more information please contact Keith Manoy, Program Manager, 1500 Marilla Street, Room L1BS, Dallas, TX 75201; e-mail: Keith.manoy@dallascityhall.com; phone: 214-670-4038.



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